Downunder Japan
Japan on Foot by Mary King, published by Fineline Press
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Welcome to the online home of Fine Line Press, New Zealand. You can find out about our latest books: Whisper of the Land (2014), Downunder Japan (March 2012) and Japan on Foot (Dec. 2011). Also Ribbons of Fate (Dec. 201o), Forty Stories of Japan, Glimpses of Old Tokyo, and for students of English, Exercises for Glimpses of Old Tokyo. You can also learn more about plans for further publications.

The wish and intention of FineLine Press is to produce books of quality mostly by new writers. To begin with the focus is on Japan, where the writer of Glimpses of Old Tokyo lives. FineLine Press is interested in writers who feel that they can write, especially about their own real experiences, in an alluring, lyrical and delightful way.

FineLine Press originated out of our good fortune to work on the memories of a Japanese writer, Masuho Fujita. The production of Glimpses of Old Tokyo took several years working with the writer, the artist, an independent editor and others. It seemed logical and desirable after so much work to create a personal outlet for Masuho's book.

Please click here to find out more about Fine Line Press and its founder Graham Bathgate.

Book Launch, Tokyo, May 17, 2015

FineLine fervently wishes for the ilk of writers of the books above:
Kerouac, Kerr, Colette, Booth, Francis, Poe, Richie, Stevenson and Waugh.