Picnic & Book Event, Tokyo, 26 May

Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Sunday 26 May, from 12pm

FineLine Press invites you to meet some writers who contributed to:

Tokyo Boo Launch

Why? To celebrate writing about Japan; to add your name to the list of future contributors; to buy a book if you wish.

Where: Yoyogi Park, Tokyo
Take main entrance to Yoyogi Park, near Harajuku Station.
Walk straight ahead towards a white archway.
Turn gradually to the right on path ending at a lake with fountains.
See people around the edge of the lake. (If raining, there is a shelter nearby.)

When: Sunday 26 May 2013, 12 noon

What: Bring your own picnic and drink

Please bring a friend. It will be great to see you at this book event,
Graham and Allan

RSVP: by 24 May to geeptbee@xtra.co.nz or murf@tokyo.email.ne.jp